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The Resastaven building stone is a menhir in Tysvær near Haugesund in Fylke Rogaland in Norway .


The Resastaven has been only one meter away from Falkeidvegen since 1925. The name "Resastaven" can refer to the word Rese or Rise, which can mean troll or giant . It could have a history similar to that of Guddal Jøtulstaven .

The menhir, around 4.0 meters high and 50 to 30 cm wide, is long and slender. It has smooth sides and a flat top. The stone used to be about 3.0 meters to the east and was very sloping.

The area around the Iron Age stone is flat pastureland. It is visible from afar. Two round burial mounds are said to have been near the stone, but there are no traces of them.

The building stones from Grinde are nearby .

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Coordinates: 59 ° 17 ′ 31.1 ″  N , 5 ° 31 ′ 25 ″  E