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The family name Reverend comes from Normandy in France.


The name is documented in the 12th century as Reverend and le Reverend in Paris, Flanders and in the province of Calvados. The family bought the Seigneurie Bougy and from then on called themselves "le Reverend de Bougy". Later lines were called "le Reverend de Mesnil", (de) Mesnil and (de) Bougy (also written Bogie, Bougi, Bougie , Bouget , Bougé or Bougis).

Well-known bearers of the surname le Reverend de Bougy

  • Marquis Jean le Reverend de Bougy Jean de Bougy (1617–1658), lieutenant general under Louis XIV.
  • Claude Reverend founded the Manufacture Saint-Cloud porcelain factory in Saint-Cloud near Paris in 1666 .
  • Personalities with the spelling Bougie resp. Bougy see under Bougie and Bougy

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