Road rash

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Road rash
Road Rash Logo.png
Logo of the first part
developer Electronic Arts
Monkey Do Productions
Publisher Electronic Arts
First title Road Rash (1991)
Last title Road Rash: Jailbreak (2003)
Platform (s) Amiga , Atari ST , Game Boy , Game Boy Color , Game Gear , Sega Mega Drive , Sega Master System , 3DO , PlayStation , Sega Saturn , Windows , Sega Mega-CD , Nintendo 64 , Game Boy Advance
Genre (s) Action racing game
Screen layout of Road Rash 2 (1992) for Mega Drive

Road Rash is a series of video games developed by Electronic Arts . The games are about participating in and winning an illegal, violent motorcycle race. It was originally released for Sega Mega Drive and has been ported to various other platforms. Nine games were developed between 1991 and 2003.


Road Rash was particularly distinguished by the ability to have fights during the race. On the one hand, you can kick your competitors off the track, and on the other hand, you can let them fall off the motorcycle with fist blows, clubs and chains. Police motorcycles traveling with them can ensure that the race is ended for the player when he is not sitting on the motorcycle.

There are five routes that can be traveled with 15 different motorcycles, four of which are nitro-injected. With a little skill and the right timing, it is possible to take the stick or chain from another driver.

In 1994 a new variant of Road Rash appeared for the 3DO . It offers a real 3D terrain, but the drivers are shown as sprites . Later implementations for the PC, Sega Saturn and the Sony Playstation are based on the 3DO game. There were also numerous tracks from A&M Records, Inc. on the CD. Numerous videos that were recorded between the races were shot especially for the game. This was played depending on the racing situation. Pieces by the American alternative rock band Paw were used for the background music.


title year platform
Road rash 1991 Amiga , Atari ST , Game Boy , Game Boy Color , Game Gear , Sega Mega Drive , Sega Master System
Road Rash 2 1992 Mega drive
Road rash 1994 3DO , PlayStation , Sega Saturn , Windows , Sega Mega-CD
Road Rash 3 1995 Mega drive
Road Rash PC 1996 Windows PC
Road Rash 3D 1998 PlayStation
Road Rash 64 1999 Nintendo 64
Road Rash: Jailbreak 2000 PlayStation
Road Rash: Jailbreak 2003 Game Boy Advance

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