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Pacific lionfish (Pterois volitans)

Pacific lionfish ( Pterois volitans )

Subclass : Real bony fish (Teleostei)
Overcohort : Clupeocephala
Cohort : Euteleosteomorpha
Sub-cohort : Neoteleostei
Scientific name
Johnson & Patterson , 1993

The barbed fishes (Acanthopterygii (= Euacanthomorphacea in Betancur-R. Et al. 2013)) are a taxon of the real bony fish (Teleostei), to which, according to Nelson (2006), over 250 families and more than 14,000 species belong. They are found worldwide in the sea and in almost all fresh waters.


The name-giving feature of the group are the spiked rays in the dorsal and anal fin , as well as in the pelvic fins , which, however, can also regress. Further features are strong comb scales and spiked gill covers . In their development, there is a tendency for the pectoral fins to be set higher and higher ( dorsal ), the pelvic fins to migrate forward towards the throat. Most barbedfish can protrude their upper jaw to a greater or lesser extent. The premaxillary is advanced far out of the bone structure of the upper jaw. The mechanisms are different, especially between Atherinomorphae and the other Percomorphaceae . In total, they developed four different mechanisms for protruding the upper jaw (see fish mouth ).

The first barbed fish appeared in the Upper Cretaceous .


The following sub-taxa belong to Ricardo Betancur-R. and colleagues (2016) on the barbed fish:

The following cladogram shows the systematic position of the barbed fish:


 Deep- sea tadpoles (Ateleopodiformes)


 Lizardfish relatives (Aulopiformes)


 Lanternfish (Myctophiformes)


 Lampriformes  (Lampriformes)


 Paracanthopterygii  ( Perch-likePetersfisch-likeStylephorus chordatusCod-like )


 Bearded fish (Polymixiiformes)


 Berycimorphaceae: Mucous  head-like  (Beryciformes) and Trachichthyiformes


 Holocentrimorphaceae:  soldier and hussar fish  (Holocentriformes)


 Perch relatives  (Percomorphaceae)

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