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Moderlieschen (Leucaspius delineatus)

Moderlieschen ( Leucaspius delineatus )

Sub-stem : Vertebrates (vertebrata)
Superclass : Jaw mouths (Gnathostomata)
Class : Ray fins (Actinopterygii)
Subclass : Neuflosser (Neopterygii)
Subclass : Real bony fish (Teleostei)
Overcohort : Clupeocephala
Scientific name
Patterson & Rosen , 1977

The Clupeocephala are an overcohort of the Teleostei (bony fish i. E. S. ). With the exception of the osteoglossomorpha (osteoglossomorpha) and the elopomorpha (eel-like, among others ), they include all other (more highly developed) taxa of the real bony fish.


According to Arratia (1997) they are defined by seven skeletal synapomorphies :

  1. The retroarticular bone (skull bone) has no contact with the articular surface of the square leg .
  2. In the lower jaw are articulated leg (articular) and Angularknochen merged.
  3. No middle pharynx plates on the first to third basibranchial (middle bones at the base of the branchial arch under the hypobranchial) or on the hypobranchial cartilage.
  4. No pharyngeal teeth associated with gill arches 1–3.
  5. The neural arch of the first vertebra bearing the hypuralia (after the branching of the caudal artery) is reduced or absent.
  6. The two most anterior uroneuralia are long and separated from other bones.
  7. Six hypuralia or less.


The following cladogram shows the systematic position of the Clupeocephala:

  Real bony fish  

 Elopomorpha : tarpon-like , bone-fish , thorn -back eel , eel-like


 Osteoglossomorpha (Osteoglossomorpha): bony tongues , Mondaugen






 Ostarioclupeomorpha ( Herring-like , Alepocephaliformes , Sandfish-like ,
 Carp-like , New World Knifefish , Tetra-like , Catfish )


 Euteleosteomorpha (all other orders of the real bony fish)

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