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Moderlieschen (Leucaspius delineatus)

Moderlieschen ( Leucaspius delineatus )

Superclass : Jaw mouths (Gnathostomata)
Class : Ray fins (Actinopterygii)
Subclass : Neuflosser (Neopterygii)
Subclass : Real bony fish (Teleostei)
Overcohort : Clupeocephala
Cohort : Ostarioclupeomorpha
Scientific name
Arratia , 1997

The Ostarioclupeomorpha , Otomorpha or Otocephala , are a cohort of the Teleostei (bony fish i. E. S. ) and the derived sister group of the Euteleosteomorpha . They include the three cohorts Clupei ( clupeiformes ) Alepocephali and Ostariophysi ( Cypriniformes , Characiformes , catfish , et al..), But are not very broadly defined, namely after Arratia (1997) only by three skeletal synapomorphies :

  1. The middle extrascapular (a skull bone) is fused with the parietal bone or with the parietal bone and supraoccipital (skull bone) or connected in a rigid joint.
  2. The autopalatine, a pair of bones in the palate of the fish, ossifies early in the course of ontogenesis .
  3. The bases of the first and second hypuralia are not cartilaginously connected at any stage of growth.

Other possible synapomorphies are:

  1. The front section of the swim bladder is covered with a silvery coating.
  2. The hemal arches are fused with the vertebral centers from an early stage of youth.


According to Joseph S. Nelson , the Ostarioclupeomorpha belong to 6 recent orders, 73 families, 1159 genera and 8295 fish species.

The following cladogram shows the systematic position of the Ostarioclupeomorpha:

  Real bony fish  

 Elopomorpha : tarpon-like , bone-fish , thorn -back eel , eel-like


 Osteoglossomorpha (Osteoglossomorpha): bony tongues , Mondaugen


 Clupei ( herring-like )




 Ostariophysi ( sandfish , carp , tetra , catfish ,
 New World knife fish )


 Lepidogalaxii ( Lepidogalaxias salamandroides )


 Neoteleostei ( deep-sea tadpoles , lizardfish relatives ,
 lantern fish-like , Acanthomorphata )


 Stomiati ( smelt-like , Maulstachler )


 Protacanthopterygii ( galaxies , golden salmon- like , salmon- like , pike-like )

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