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Atlantic herring

Atlantic herring

Class : Ray fins (Actinopterygii)
Subclass : Neuflosser (Neopterygii)
Subclass : Real bony fish (Teleostei)
Overcohort : Clupeocephala
Cohort : Otomorpha
Sub-cohort : Clupeomorpha
Scientific name
Greenwood , Rosen , Weitzman & Myers , 1966

The Clupeomorpha ( Clupei after Wiley and Johnson 2010) are a group of the real bony fish (Teleostei). Among the Clupeomorpha include not only the herring-like (Clupeiformes) the extinct from the Cretaceous and Eocene known order Ellimmichthyiformes .


The Clupeomorpha differ from the other bony fish by their special tail skeleton, the second hypuralia is fused with the first vertebral center in all stages of ontogenesis . They also have a peculiar, double connection between the inner ear (labyrinth) and the swim bladder . The supratemporal (skull bone) is connected to the lateral line organ via the parietal bone (parietal bone) and supraoccipital (skull bone).


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