Roll resolver

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Roll Resolver or Roll Resolver Assembly is a radar assembly with a technical solution for the electronic compensation of the change in position of a radar operated in an aircraft (for example by rolling ) by changing the phase shift in the antenna groups of a monopulse antenna . The information about the change in position is taken from a gyro compass and is applied as an input signal to a processor that controls the phase shifters and thus keeps the antenna diagram in the desired direction regardless of a change in position of the aircraft in space. With this solution, no mechanical changes are made to the antenna.

The phase position in the individual channels can be changed discretely by means of pin diode switches or ferrite components within the waveguide . Typically, several of these devices are necessary to ensure stabilization of the radar device in the lateral angle and in the elevation angle. This not only compensates for the aircraft's roll, but also for the pitching and yawing of the aircraft. Roll resolvers are installed on board the US B1 and B2 bombers.

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