Rose Chronicles

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Rose Chronicles
General information
Genre (s) Alternative rock , shoegazing
founding 1992
resolution 1996
Founding members
Kristy Thirsk
Richard Maranda
Judd Cochrane
Steve van der Woerd
Last occupation
Kristy Thirsk
Electric guitar
Richard Maranda
Electric bass
Howard Redekop
Trevor Grant
former members
Electric bass
Judd Cochrane (1992-1995)
Steve van der Woerd (1992–1995)
Guest musician
Peggy Lee (1993, 1995)
Anthony Cecil (1993)
Tim Ashworth (1996)

Rose Chronicles was a guitar pop band from Vancouver formed in May 1992. Her musical style combined elements from shoegazing and alternative rock .

Band history

All four members got to know each other through newspaper advertisements and received offers from various record companies after just a few appearances. In 1993 Rose Chronicles debuted with the EP "Dead and Gone to Heaven" and made it to # 1 on the college radio charts with the track Awaiting Eternity included on it. The first album "Shiver" followed in 1994 and one year later won the CARAS Juno Award for the best alternative album of 1995.

During the recording of the follow-up work "Happily Ever After" Judd Cochrane and Steve van der Woerd left the band due to internal differences and the discrepancies between them and the record company Nettwerk Productions . In order to be able to finish the album work, Kristy Thirsk and Richard Maranda were looking for two new comrades and found them in Trevor Grant (drums) and Howard Redekop (bass) at short notice.

When “Happily Ever After” was released in 1996 after a few delays, Kristy and Richard had already broken up the band, a fact that the label Nettwerk Productions hid until the day of the release.

Kristy Thirsk then began a career as a solo artist. Among other things, she worked with Delerium , a side project of the Canadian electronics formation Front Line Assembly .


Albums & singles

  • 1993: Dead And Gone To Heaven (12 ")
  • 1993: Dead And Gone To Heaven (CDM)
  • 1994: Glide (Free Above) (CDM)
  • 1994: Shiver (CD)
  • 1996: Happily Ever After (MC, 4-Track Advance-Tape)
  • 1996: Happily Ever After (CD)
  • 1996: Voice in Jail (CDS, 1-Track Promo)

Exclusive tracks

  • 1994: Old Man (Neil Young cover on the compilation "Borrowed Tunes: A Tribute to Neil Young", 2xCD)
  • 1995: Heaven Tide (demo version) (on the compilation "Decadence: 10 Years of Nettwerk", 5xCD box)