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A rotary atomizer or rotary atomizer is an application device for coating components (e.g. motor vehicle body parts ) with a coating agent (e.g. paint ). Conventional rotary atomizers have a rapidly rotating application body (e.g. a bell cup) as the application element, which atomises the coating agent due to the centrifugal force and emits a fine spray mist.

Rotary atomizers are divided into the following types according to the type of coating agent used ( powder coating or wet coating ) and the shape of the application body (disc or bell cup):

  • Powder paint atomizer
  • Wet paint atomizer
  • Disc atomizer
  • Bell atomizer

In modern rotary atomizers, the coating agent is electrostatically charged, whereas the component to be coated is electrically grounded. This has the consequence that the electrostatically charged coating agent adheres better to the component, which increases the application efficiency and reduces the so-called overspray.

Rotary atomizers deliver approximately monodisperse droplet size distributions under certain operating conditions. This is often an advantage in the production of solids by spray drying , for example . The very narrow droplet size distribution prevents overspray and thus the formation of undesirable fine dust in the product.

The inner coating of pipes can also be carried out using rotary atomizers. The layer thickness can be adjusted by the atomized volume flow and the speed of travel of the atomizer. The advantage for this special task is that rotary atomizers have a spray angle of 360 o .

Heating technology

Rotary atomizers are also used in burners for heating oil and similar liquid fuels.

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