Red Cross Commissioner

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The Red Cross Commissioner (RKB) is the "Commissioner for Disaster Protection (K-Commissioner)" at the level of the district associations in the German Red Cross .

According to the association's internal "DRK K-Vorschrift" (regulation on the activities of the German Red Cross eV in the Federal Republic of Germany in disasters and other emergencies as well as on its involvement in civil and disaster protection) from 1988, he was responsible for at the level of the district association the civil protection . According to IV A 4 of the K regulation, the Red Cross Commissioner was responsible for the operational capability of the DRK potential and the functionality of the DRK aid system and represented the DRK district association in all matters of civil protection and disaster control vis-à-vis the competent authority . One differentiated u. a. Tasks internally (staff work, cooperation with other functionaries, ensuring operational readiness) and externally (representation vis-à-vis the disaster control authority, participation in staff, etc.). If necessary, he worked in the DRK management group .

According to the "DRK crisis management regulation (K regulation)" of February 16, 2011, the area of ​​responsibility has developed into an advisory function with a focus on planning. As a rule, the K-representative has the chairmanship of the planning staff of the respective DRK structure according to K regulation and accordingly takes on predominantly coordinating, analytical and preparatory tasks.

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