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Sólrún Michelsen (2015)

Sólrún Michelsen (* 1948 in Tórshavn ) is a Faroese writer and entrepreneur.


Sólrún Michelsen grew up in Argir, today a district of Tórshavn . Her parents were Peter Midjord and Simona Midjord geb. Dam. She worked in various companies and after the birth of her three children initially concentrated on looking after them and running the household. In 1974 she and her husband, the Faroese businessman and politician Poul Michelsen , founded the wholesale company P / F Poul Michelsen / PM Heilsøla, which she ran for a long time. Since 2008 she has been working exclusively as a writer.

Her first publication was the children's book Argjafrensar in 1994 . “I wrote the book for my children, but someone sent it to a publisher. [...] I would never have dared to do that. "(Sólrún Michelsen in an interview with Petra Schellen)

In 2015 her first novel for adults was published under the title Tanz auf den Klippen in German, a “remarkable piece of literature [...], mainly because of the language that Sólrún Michelsen found for the images of her childhood [...], a language that is shining and brittle at the same time: a little like the landscape that evokes it, ”says the author and Scandinavian artist Klaus Böldl . In the same year Sólrún Michelsen was a guest with the novel at the Solothurn Literature Days and, together with the Danish writer Dorthe Nors, at the Nordic Literature Days in Hamburg.


  • 1992 Jól hjá Onnu og Jákupi , in: Mín jólabók ( My Christmas Book ; since it was founded in 1956, the Faroese Teachers Association has published an annual Christmas book for children, young people and the whole family with new texts by Faroese authors and translations)
  • 1994 Argjafrensar (children's book)
  • 1996 Útiløgukattar (youth novel)
  • 1996 Øðrvísi ( short story), in the literary magazine Birting
  • 1997 Emma , in: Mín jólabók
  • 1998 Mítt gamla land (poem), in: Birting
  • 1998 Tann fyrsta flykran and Eg kenni eina, in: Mín jólabók
  • 1999 Hin útvaldi (fantasy novel)
  • 1999 Barnajól and Magga , in: Mín jólabók
  • 2000 Maya (narration), in Birting
  • 2000 Gásasteggin and Postboð , in: Mín jólabók
  • 2001 Fuglakongurin and Hinumegin , in: Mín jólabók
  • 2002 Angi av deyða ( short story), in: Birting
  • 2002 Geislasteinar (fantasy novel)
  • 2003 Morgun (Morgen, children's book)
  • 2003 Við vindeygað (At the window, poem), in: Birting
  • 2003 Loppugras (gentian, poems for children)
  • 2003 Tann fyrsta flykran fall í dag (Today the first snowflake fell) and Ein dag eg lá á bønum (When I was once in the inner market), in: Mín jólabók
  • 2004 Maðurin úr Grauballe (The man from Grauballe, short story), in: Birting
  • 2005 Jólagávur (Christmas presents, children's book)
  • 2005 Abbi og apan (grandfather and the monkey, children's book)
  • 2005 Sápubløðran (The Soap Bubble), in: Mín jólabók
  • 2006 Óvitar , in Spøkilsið sum flenti (Nordic ghost stories)
  • 2006 Summi renna í stuttum brókum (story), in: Vencil 1, pp 14-18 (German 2014: Some run in shorts in the anthology fools flyer S. 144-151; English published in 2011 Some people run in shorts in Vencil Anthology of Contemporary Faroese Literature , reprint of the story 2017 in Anthology of Contemporary Nordic Literature THE DARK BLUE OVERCOAT and 2017)
  • 2007 Gjøgnum skygnið ( short story), in: Vencil 3, pp. 11-17
  • 2007 Jólagávan , in: Mín jólabók
  • 2007 Tema við slankum (novel; translated into Danish in 2009 by Kirsten Brix under the title At danse med virkeligheden ; German translation 2015 by Inga Meincke: Tanz auf den Klippen ; 2017 the Norwegian translation Sprinkeljenta by Anne-Kari Skarðhamar)
  • 2009 Hin blái eingilin ( short story), in: Vencil 6, pp. 98–100 (published in German 2013)
  • 2009 Kantatusálmur ( hymn / poem), in: Vencil 7, pp. 94–95
  • 2009 Í opnu hurðini ( In the open door , poems)
  • 2009 Sjúrður og dvørgamoy (story), in: Mín jólabók
  • 2010 Sjúrður og drekin (story), in: Mín jólabók
  • 2011 Rottan (The Rat, Stories; the title story was published in English in 2014 under the title The Rat in Pankmagazine.com)
  • 2012 Útoyggj (poem), in Vencil 11, pp. 98–99
  • 2013 Torkils Døtur (children's book)
  • 2013 Hinumegin er mars ( On the other side is March ), novel; Translated into Danish by Kirsten Brix in 2017 under the title På den anden side er marts ; Translated into Nynorsk in 2017 by Lars Moa: På den andre sida er mars
  • 2015 Sunnudagur ( Sunday , narration), in: Vencil 15, pp. 14-20
  • 2016 Ein farri av fráferð (poems)
  • 2018 Morgunfrúa ( short stories)


  • 2002 Children's Book Prize of the Tórhavn City Council ( Barnamentanarheiðursløn Tórshavnar býráðs )
  • 2002 Hin útvaldi og Geislasteinar was nominated for the Nordic Council Children's Book Prize
  • 2004 Nomination of the volume of poetry Loppugras for the Children's and Youth Book Prize of the West Nordic Council (Barna- og Ungdómsbókmentavirðisløn Útnorðurráðsins)
  • 2008 Mads Andrias Jacobsen Literature Prize ( Mentanarvirðisløn MA Jacobsens )
  • 2015 nomination of the novel Hinumegin er mars for the Nordic Council's literary prize


  • Anne-Kari Skarðhamar: Analyze av Sólrún Michelsen's Tema við slankum (2007) , in: MalunarMót , Festschrift for Malan Marnersdóttir on her 60th birthday, Tórshavn 2012. pp. 410–426.
  • Sólrún Michelsen , in: Store Norske leksikon .
  • Jürg Glauser (Ed.): Scandinavian Literature History , 2nd edition 2016, p. 444.

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