SCORE International Off-Road Racing Series

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A "Trophy Truck"
A "Class 10" buggy
A motorcyclist on the Baja 1000

The SCORE International Off-Road Racing Series is a desert racing series in the USA and Mexico .


The SCORE organization ( S outhern C alifornia O ff R oad E xperience) is an organizer of off-road competitions in America and was established in 1973 by the American off-road and dragster pilots Mickey Thompson founded.

SCORE has hosted the Baja 1000 since 1975 . The racing series also includes the San Felipe 250 ( Baja California , Mexico), the Baja 400 and the Baja 500 . The best- known German driver in the SCORE International Off-Road Racing Series is Armin Schwarz in the All German Motorsports Team (AGM).

In 1992 SCORE merged with the High Desert Racing Association (HDRA) and thus forms the world's largest off-road racing association.

The vehicle classes

Cars in 15 different vehicle classes take part in the SCORE races, from the near-series VW buggy with around 80 hp to the 850 hp trophy truck and motorcycles. With starting fields of a few hundred cars per race, the SCORE racing series is one of the largest motorsport events in America.

The 2019 races

  • San Felipe 250 : 3rd-7th April
  • Baja 400 : May 29 – May 2 June
  • Baja 500 : June 18-22 September
  • Baja 1000 : 19.-24. November

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