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The Sportclub Neubau is a former Austrian football club from the 7th district of Neubau in Vienna . The club was founded in 1909 as a Neubauer sports association. Before its dissolution on December 31, 2004, the former second division team played in the 2nd class A of the Vienna Football Association (7th level).


The SC Neubau first appeared in the light of a broader public in the 1921/22 game year when it was promoted to 2nd class A, which was then the second highest league in Austria . Already in the following season you had to fight against relegation, but where you could prevail with a point ahead of FC Nicholson Vienna . In the next season things went a little better for the Neubauer and they finished 5th in the table. In the same year, 1925, the Vienna Football Association decided to introduce professionalism in the highest two levels. However, the Neubauer missed the registration date and therefore had to relegate to the third division. In the following year, however, the Neubauer made it back up to second class.

In the first professional year the club reached a good midfield position with the 8th of 14 table positions. In the following three seasons SC Neubau was able to improve its position steadily and in 1929 reached fourth place in the table of the II. League, the best result in its history to date. This season, however, they had no chance in terms of the promotion battle, as the Hakoah could decide all their 24 championship games for themselves. After this success, however, the club no longer wanted to go well. After narrowly escaping relegation in 1931, one year later they had to relegate to third division.

In 1933, however, the SC new building managed to re-emerge quickly. In 1935 the fourth place from 1929 could even be trumped. After the Neubauer narrowly failed at the Favoritner AC and the Wiener Sportvereinigung this season , they finally finished third in the table at the end of the season. In the Cup , too , they achieved their first success by reaching the quarter-finals, which seemed all the more remarkable since the club was previously only known as cannon fodder (1933 2:17 and 1930 0:17 against Rapid Vienna ). After the narrowly missed ascent, however, the descent followed in the following season. Since that year, the SC Neubau could not return to the second division and disappeared in the Vienna lower house. From a sporting point of view, he was usually only noticed by high defeats against the major Viennese clubs (1989 0:21 against Wiener Austria ). On December 31, 2004, SC Neubau reported to the Vienna Football Association that the club had dissolved itself immediately. Most recently he played in the seventh class “2. Class A ".