SPI Open Access

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SPI Open Access
Basic data

developer SPI
operating system MS-DOS
category Spreadsheets , word processing
License proprietary

SPI Open Access from Software Products International was an integrated office package for the MS-DOS operating system and was sold from 1984 to 1992.

Open Access had components for a desktop database , programming, spreadsheet , word processing , communication, auxiliary programs and, from version 4, an e-mail client. The package was scriptable via its own QBasic dialect called PRO (see list of BASIC dialects ).

The software can run under MS-DOS as well as under Windows 95 to Windows 10 in the 32-bit versions of the operating system in the "DOS window" as a single-user version or in the network ( Novell or Windows server).

In 1992, SPI launched a product that ran under Windows 3.11 under the name "window base 2.0 (2.02)", which allowed full access to and programming of the SPI Open Access data tables. The object-oriented programming in WYSIWYG mode and the product-specific DASL scripting language as well as an xBase driver made it possible to develop very flexible applications for other data formats.

In the meantime there is also a possibility to query and edit the database via PHP and to access the database via ODBC via the MySQL -5.1.x plug-in .


  • 1984: Open Access 1.01
  • 1989: Open Access II 2.11
  • 1990: Open Access III 3.0
  • 1992: Open Access IV - from DOS 3.0
  • Open Access IV 4.01b

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