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SQL Anywhere is a relational database from the Walldorf- based company SAP . SQL Anywhere was originally developed by Sybase , based in Dublin , California . On July 30, 2010 the acquisition of Sybase by the Walldorf-based company was completed.


SQL Anywhere is characterized by its great platform independence. The database files can be copied to different operating systems and also to mobile devices and synchronized with one another. The SQL platform itself runs on all Microsoft - Windows operating systems, including mobile systems such as Windows CE , as well as on Unix , Linux and OS X . SQL Anywhere was and is often used to develop mobile applications, as files can be copied from one operating system to another without any problems.

SQL Anywhere is a so-called self-contained database : Other databases (e.g. PostgreSQL , Apache Derby ) store the data of a database in several data and index files within a directory tree. SQL Anywhere saves the data belonging to a database in one file (or several files if the database exceeds a certain size), the location of which can be freely specified by the user.

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