Karl von Camerer

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Karl Josef von Camerer (born January 28, 1801 in Unterhausen , † January 20, 1863 in Stuttgart ) was a German lawyer and politician .


Born as the son of pastor Johann Josef Camerer (1752–1817), Karl Camerer studied law in Tübingen after attending high school in Stuttgart . During his studies in 1821 he became a member of the Germania Tübingen fraternity . After completing his studies, he became legal counsel in Reutlingen in 1826 . In the 1830s he was a member of the Württemberg state parliament for the city of Reutlingen , where he belonged to the left. In 1837 he became the city ​​school for Reutlingen and from 1844 worked as a legal counselor. In 1847 he became a senior councilor in the Ministry of the Interior. In 1849 he had to dissolve the rump parliament on behalf of the government. Most recently he was a member of the Liberal Party.



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