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Coat of arms of the former municipality of Sahalahti

Sahalahti [ ˈsɑhɑlɑhti ] ( Swedish historically Sahalax ) is a place and a former municipality in the Finnish countryside of Pirkanmaa .

The municipality of Sahalahti was incorporated into the neighboring municipality of Kangasala in early 2005 . It had an area of ​​171.96 km² (of which 35.09 km² inland water), the population was 2276 (December 31, 2004). The only settlement center was the parish village of Sahalahti, the community also included the villages of Haapaniemi, Haapasaari, Ilola, Isolahti, Isoniemi, Kärkäs, Keljo, Korpiniemi, Moltsia, Noksioinen, Paatiala, Pakkala, Pappila, Pyttylä, Rautio, Saarioinen, Taykanustiala, .

Originally Sahalahti was a chapel parish of the parish Pälkäne . After a church was built on the site in 1559, the inhabitants of Sahalahti operated the detachment from Pälkäne. King John III finally agreed and raised Sahalahti in 1581 to an independent parish. Sahalahti Church burned down after a lightning strike in 1728, but was rebuilt within a year. When the old church became too narrow for the community, a new church was built in 1830, which is still in use today. The Sahalahti municipality was established in 1869. In a referendum in 2004, 55% of the population of Sahalahti voted in favor of a merger with Kangasala, which finally took place on January 1, 2005.


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