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Sarekat Islam ( Islamic Association ), formerly Sarekat Dagang Islam ( Islamic Trade Association ), was an Indonesian organization.

The Javanese merchant cooperative was founded by Haji Samanhudi , a businessman in Surakarta , in 1905 or 1912, depending on the source. Samanhudi's business was dedicated to batik , a textile dyeing process.

The organization was later renamed Sarekat Islam , whose headquarters were then in Surabaya . Among others, HOS Cokroaminoto and Haji Agus Salim , who later became Indonesia's foreign minister , played an important role in the cooperative. Sukarno , who later became president from 1945 to 1967, was part of the organization . Agus Salim joined Sarekat Islam in 1915 and represented a moderate Islam. In 1917, Sarekat Islam came under the influence of Marxist ideology.

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