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The Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement (English Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement ) is a self-help organization in Sri Lanka . The words Sarvodaya Shramadana come from Sanskrit , originally mean something like “well-being” and “energy” and should be understood as welfare for everyone through the giving of labor as assistance .

The organization was founded in 1958; its core was a student group in Colombo under the leadership of AT Ariyaratne. It refers to the vision of the Sarvodaya in the sense of the people 's democracy outlined by Mahatma Gandhi .

The basic idea is the realization of a balanced society in which there is peace, which fulfills the basic needs of the people and in which all people are involved in the development process. Today this is being pursued in over 5,000 villages in Sri Lanka through networked communities.

The following "ten basic needs" should be met together:

  1. a clean environment
  2. enough clean water
  3. a basic set of clothes
  4. balanced and adequate nutrition
  5. a suitable apartment
  6. basic health care
  7. Communication options
  8. Basic energy supply
  9. good education and training
  10. cultural and spiritual stimulation

Sarvodya is represented with bases for advice and coordination in all districts of the country.

The usual process of setting up a local self-help organization is as follows:

  1. an invitation to the whole population to discuss what needs are there
  2. Establish a local village council to develop a program such as B. the construction of a school, a health care center, establishment of family support programs
  3. Promotion of economic opportunities, with the aim of economic self-sufficiency in the village
  4. Foundation of a village bank
  5. Offers to support other villages.

The consequences of the earthquake in 2004 and the tsunami that attracted worldwide attention were a particular challenge for the organization .

The organization received the King Baudouin Prize in 1982/1983.

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