Saskatchewan Party

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Saskatchewan Party
Party leader Brad Wall
founding 1997
Headquarters Regina
Alignment conservatism
Parliament seats

The Saskatchewan Party (French Parti saskatchewanais ) is a conservative party in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan . It was created in 1997 from the merger of former members of the Progressive Conservative Party and the Liberal Party . In the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan , the party has 49 seats out of 58 and is the government. Party leader Brad Wall is also the provincial prime minister.


In the 1980s, the progressive conservatives formed the provincial government. However, a record high deficit and general dissatisfaction led to the resounding election victory of the social democratic NDP in 1991 . The exposure of corruption scandals further weakened the position of the progressive conservatives. When these and the Liberals performed disappointingly in the 1995 elections, the desire for a competitive right-of-center alternative arose among members of both parties.

In 1997, four former progressive-conservative and four liberal MPs each founded the Saskatchewan Party. However, this did not lead to a formal merger of the two parties. Most of the progressive conservatives joined the new group, but their old party was not dissolved. It still has substantial assets, which if dissolved would revert to the provincial government. To prevent this from happening, it continues to nominate pro forma candidates who have no chance of being elected. In view of the predominance of the conservatives (only a few liberals converted), political opponents suspected that they were merely trying to distance themselves from the corruption scandals.

In 1999, the Saskatchewan Party took part in the elections to the legislative assembly for the first time and achieved a share of the vote of almost 40% from scratch, which was not enough to oust the NDP. Four years later, the election results differed only marginally. In 2004 Brad Wall took over the party chairmanship. Under his leadership, the party abandoned various neoliberal positions and moved towards the middle of the political spectrum . This change of direction paid off in the 2007 elections. The Saskatchewan Party won more than 50% of the vote and Wall became the new Prime Minister.

Election results

Results of the legislative assembly elections:

choice seats
be right proportion of
1999 58 58 25th 160.603 39.61%
2003 58 58 28 168.144 39.95%
2007 58 57 38 230,671 50.92%
2011 58 58 49 254.997 64.21%

Party leader

Surname Chair premier
Ken Krawetz 1997-1998
Elwin Hermanson 1998-2004
Brad Wall since 2004 since 2007

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