Windscreen washer

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The windshield washer system for the windshield is now standard equipment in all cars , trucks and rail vehicles . It is less often found on the rear window . Many modern vehicles, especially those built from 2000 onwards with xenon lights or LED headlights that have a brightness of more than 2,000 lumens, have a headlight cleaning system as standard . Otherwise, this can and could often be ordered as an additional feature.

Some aircraft, such as the Boeing 747, are also equipped with windscreen washer systems.

As a rule, with the help of nozzles in cars mostly on the hood attached, with most commercial vehicles (buses, trucks) on the windshield wipers, windshield wiper fluid sprayed onto the disks. In most rail vehicles , the nozzles are attached to the front of the locomotive, but sometimes also to the windshield wiper (e.g. ICE 3 ). The water sprayed on the windshield cleans with the help of the windshield wipers .

If necessary, cleaning agents and antifreeze agents are added to the water (mandatory according to §2 StVO 3a).

The required pressure is applied with an electrically operated pump , in very old cars also manually or with compressed air from the spare wheel .


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