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Ship & port
description Trade journal for shipping
and maritime technology
Area of ​​Expertise Shipping, shipbuilding, offshore and maritime technology
language German English
publishing company DVV Media Group GmbH (Germany)
First edition April 1, 1949
Frequency of publication per month
Sold edition 4196 copies
( IVW  Q3 / 2017)
Widespread edition 6,137 copies
( IVW  Q3 / 2017)
Editor-in-chief Silke Sadowski
executive Director Martin Weber
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Schiff & Hafen is an international trade journal for shipping and maritime technology, which has been published by Seehafen Verlag since 1949 and by the DVV Media Group in Hamburg from the 1980s .

After the magazine Schiffbau, founded in 1900, and the magazine Werft - Reederei - Hafen, founded in 1920, were both discontinued at the end of the Second World War, their former editors and managers founded Schiff & Hafen as a continuation in 1949.


The magazine provides information on topics from the areas of shipping, shipbuilding and the shipbuilding industry, ship management, ship financing, port construction and marine technology. The editions are supplemented by reports on important maritime events such as congresses, trade fairs and company anniversaries.

Since January 2007, Schiff & Hafen has had a new layout.

Specialist body

Schiff & Hafen is also the official specialist body of the Association of German Captains and Ship Officers e. V. (VDKS), the Shipbuilding Society e. V. (STG) and the Society for Maritime Technology (GMT) as well as a specialist forum for the Association for Shipbuilding and Marine Technology e. V. (VSM), the Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e. V. (VDMA), the working group shipbuilding and offshore supply industry and Germanischer Lloyd (GL).

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Individual evidence

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