Swiss Music Education Association

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The Swiss Music Education Association (SMPV; French Société Suisse de Pédagogie Musicale (SSPM) , Italian Società Svizzera di Pedagogia Musicale (SSPM) , Romansh Societad Svizra da Pedagogia Musicala (SSPM) , English Swiss Music Pedagogic Association (SMPA) ) is the umbrella organization of the Music educators and qualified music teachers in Switzerland .

The association was founded in 1893 as a Swiss singing and music teachers association and today has around 5,000 members. It is divided into 15 sections (headquarters in Bern ).

Association body

The magazine Der Volksgesang , created in 1861, was renamed the Schweizerische Zeitung für Gesang und Musik in 1896 and renamed Der Volksgesang again in 1906 . From 1912 it was published as Schweizerische Musikpädagogische Blätter (from 1916 also in French as Feuillets de pédagogie musicale ). From 1940 under the name Mitteilungsblatt SMPV , from 1949 as Schweizer Musikpädagogische Blätter resp. Feullets suisse de pédagogie musicale published . From 1948 to 1997 there was also an additional SMPV monthly bulletin. In 1960 the papers were integrated into the Swiss music newspaper ; In 1983 these were reactivated again after the old SMZ had been discontinued, until the current SMZ was launched in 1997.

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