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legal form GmbH
founding 1963
Seat in Germany: Nuremberg
Number of employees around 400 (2010)

Scubapro is a manufacturer of recreational diving equipment . Scubapro employs over 400 people in 17 offices in 13 countries on 4 continents. The company is part of Johnson Outdoors Inc. , an outdoor group headquartered in Racine , Wisconsin , along with other manufacturers of watercraft, marine electronics, diving equipment and outdoor equipment . Scubapro has been represented in Germany with a headquarters since 1975, which has been in Nuremberg since July 2018 .


Scubapro was founded in 1962 as a subsidiary of Healthways. After Healthways was almost insolvent at the end of 1962, the Scubapro division was sold in 1963 to Underwater Sports Inc., newly founded by Gustav dalla Valle , for a symbolic dollar. Together with Dick Bonin , dalla Valle developed the strategy of selling exclusively through professional diving shops. In the first year they launched the MK 2 and a cylinder valve with an integrated pressure gauge, among other things.

In 1970, Samuel C. Johnson founded Johnson Outdoors to bring together several recreational brands and in 1974 acquired Scubapro.

In 1997 Scubapro merged with Uwatec. Uwatec was founded in Switzerland in 1983 as a manufacturer of diving equipment and gained a very good reputation as a dive computer manufacturer with the introduction of the Aladin Pro dive computer, which was revolutionary at the time, in 1987. In the early 1990s, Uwatec was synonymous with dive computers. Today, Uwatec only develops and manufactures dive computers that are on the market under the Scubapro label (until approx. 2011 Scubapro-Uwatec).

Products (selection)

  • 1966 Automatic Decompression Meter (forerunner of the digital dive computer), MK5
  • 1967 jet snorkel
  • 1968 Super Vision 3-glass mask
  • 1969 Adjustable Downstream Second stage
  • 1970 First buoyancy compensator
  • 1972 Quick Disconnect Inflator
  • 1973 Dive Timer ( pressure gauge )
  • 1974 butterfly vest
  • 1975 Left adjustable octopus
  • 1976 Gas-filled depth gauge
  • 1977 Second stage pilot (regulator used by the US Navy for depths of up to 540 m)
  • 1978 Stabilizing Jacket
  • 1979 first vest machine (AIRII)
  • 1980 First stage with closed capsule
  • 1981 Super Chinch Band
  • 1982 self-draining hose amplifier
  • 1984 Crystal Optical Mask
  • 1988 Tri Vent mask with exhaust valve
  • 1989 Electronic console
  • 1990 Dive computer DC 11 and NC 11, PDS (underwater sonar )
  • 1991 dry suit
  • 1992 ball bottle valve
  • 1993 M5 Polar and Anti Fog lenses
  • 1998 Aladin Air Z O2 with Oxy2 (dive computer for the semi-closed rebreather Draeger Dolphin)
  • 2007 Galileo Sol and Terra (upgradeable dive computers with heart rate measurement)
  • 2012 Spectra Mirror (mask)
  • 2016 Hydros Pro Jacket (Modular BCD)
  • 2017 Galileo 2 (further development of the Galileo dive computer)
  • 2019 Galileo HUD (innovative dive computer that is attached directly in front of the mask)

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