Seguros Bolívar Open

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Seguros Bolívar Open refers to a series of tennis tournaments in Colombia , which were mainly held as part of the ATP Challenger Tour . There are also two ITF Future Tour tournaments , an ATP Champions Tour tournament and a youth tournament. A tournament was also held in Costa Rica . The tournaments are held in various Colombian cities mainly from 2009 to 2013. From 2013 the respective tournaments were renamed. The series included:

  • ATP Challenger Bucaramanga ( Seguros Bolívar Open Bucaramanga ), a tennis tournament in Bucaramanga
  • ATP Challenger Barranquilla ( Seguros Bolívar Open Barranquilla ), a tennis tournament in Barranquilla
  • ATP Challenger Pereira ( Seguros Bolívar Open Pereira ), a tennis tournament in Pereira
  • ATP Challenger Bogotá ( Seguros Bolívar Open Bogotá ), a tennis tournament in Bogotá
  • ATP Challenger Cali ( Seguros Bolívar Open Cali ), a tennis tournament in Cali
  • ATP Challenger Medellín ( Seguros Bolívar Open Medellín ), a tennis tournament in Medellín
  • ATP Challenger San José ( Seguros Bolívar Open San José ), a tennis tournament in San José, Costa Rica
  • Seguros Bolívar Champions Tour Medellín, a tennis tournament in Medellín
  • Seguros Bolivar Futuro Villavicencio, a tennis tournament in Villavicencio
  • Seguros Bolivar Futuro Cucuta 2012, a tennis tournament in Cucuta
  • Seguros Bolivar Festival Infantil y Juvenil de Tenis, a youth tennis tournament in Bogotá