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Seal of the Imperial Navy - (Mirrored) - Command SMS Braunschweig

His Majesty Ship and the abbreviations SMS or SMS standing for this phrase were used in German-speaking monarchical navies and in the literature about it as a prefix to the respective ship name . For example, the German cruiser Emden was referred to as "SMS Emden " or the Austrian battleship Viribus Unitis as "SMS Viribus Unitis ". When speaking to the sovereign of a ship marked with an SMS , the name was "Your Majesty's ship ..." . Conversely, when the sovereign spoke of a ship named in this way, he used the phrase "My / Our ship ..." .

Official edicts for the mandatory use of this designation, such as exist for the prefix USS used in the United States Navy , are not known, but are possible. The SMS variant with the ship's name was probably always used on official seals of ships of the Imperial Navy .

It was a peculiarity of the Austro-Hungarian Navy that the individual ships always had the gender of their ship's name , so one usually spoke of " the Kaiser " and not of " the Kaiser ", also of the " Szent Istvan ", the " Empress Elisabeth " , the " Sankt Georg " and the " Wien ".


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