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Selma Bajrami (born July 4, 1980 in Tuzla ) is a Bosnian-Herzegovinian pop and turbo-folk singer .


Bajrami's grandfather, like her father Fadil, a Kosovar Albanian , immigrated from Gjakova to Tuzla in 1965 , while the family of her mother Enesa, a Bosnian , has lived in Tuzla for several generations.

Her first albums were only a success in Bosnia and the associated diaspora. In 2005 Dragan Brajovic wrote a hit for her, Kakvo Tijelo Selma Ima (“What kind of body Selma has”), which also made her famous in Serbia. In 2007 she signed a recording deal with the New Belgrade-based Grand produkcija and released her album Ostrvo Tuge (Island of Mourning). After another album in June 2010 with the title Voli me do Bola (Love me to the point of pain) their 8th album with the title Tijelo bez duše (Body Without Soul) came out in July 2014 . She signed a record deal with City Records , which is also based in Belgrade ( Serbia ).


At the beginning of her professional career she was part of the music group If, which she later left.

Their first album "kad suza ne bude ..." (When there are no tears left ...) was released in 1998 by the Nimfa Sound label. The album was recorded in Belgrade and was largely written and composed by Milić Vukšinović.

Her second album "Ljubav si ubio gade" (You killed love, you scum) was produced by Mića Nikolić. The third album was released in 2001 and produced by Dejan Abadić. This is different from the style of their previous albums.

“Žena sa Balkana” (2002, Woman from the Balkans) was her fourth album. The song "Žena sirena" ("Siren") became her nickname.

The songwriters of the fifth album “Kakvo tijelo Selma ima” (What kind of body Selma has) were Dragan Brajović Braja, Dragiša Baša and Nanin from Tuzla. This album was the second that was produced under Dejan Abadić's direction.

Her sixth album "Ostrvo tuge"  (2007, Insel der Trauer) was the first of two consecutive projects on the Grand Production label .

Bajrami's seventh album, called “Zakon Duše” (2007, Law of the Soul ), was released in May 2010. The main singles "Đavolica" and "Farmerice" were released in 2009. The music video for Farmerice was shot in a discotheque in Tuzla and premiered on December 24, 2009.

Bajrami started work on her eighth studio album in 2012. The premiere of their main single "James Dean" was in December of the same year. This was followed by "Nisam ti oprostila", "Moje milo", "Tijelo bez duše" and "Samo tvoje oči". The full album, Selma Bajrami, was released on July 23, 2014 through Hayat Production and City Records .

Private life

Bajrami met her first husband in March 2003 and married him six months later. The marriage was divorced in February 2004.

She married for the second time on December 22, 2011 and moved to live with her husband in Vienna . That marriage ended in divorce in October 2014.


  • Kad Suza Ne Bude (1998)
  • Ljubav si ubio gade (1999)
  • Revolucija (2001)
  • Žena sa Balkana (2003)
  • Kakvo tijelo Selma ima (2005)
  • Ostrvo Tuge (2007)
  • Voli me do Bola (2010)
  • Tijelo bez duše (2014)

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