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Coat of arms of the Zemgale region

Semgallen (Latvian Zemgale ) is one of the four historic landscapes in Latvia . It is to the left of the Daugava (German: Düna ) and borders on Livonia ( Vidzeme ), Latgale and Courland , to which the borders are less clearly defined.

The land is mostly flat. In addition to the Düna, the most important river is the Lielupe (German Kurländische Aa ).


The name goes back to the people of the Semgallians . The eastern part of Zemgale is called Sēlija , after the Selonen (also: Selen) who once settled there. Sēlija is also known as "Upper Latvia" (Latvian Augšzeme , literally: "Oberland"). An older name is "Oberkurland" (Augškurzeme).


In the early modern period, Zemgale was part of the Duchy of Courland and Zemgale , which was converted into the Russian Governorate of Courland in 1795 and so eventually became part of Latvia. For this reason, Zemgale did not have its own star in the coat of arms of Latvia , but is represented together with Courland.




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