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Severino "Sevi" Minelli (born September 6, 1909 in Küsnacht ; † September 23, 1994 ) was a Swiss football player .


Minelli was born on the right bank of Lake Zurich in Küsnacht, where he began his footballing career with the local FC Küsnacht .

The used on the position of defender Minelli then played for Servette FC Genève . After three years and a title, he returned to Zurich . He switched to the Grasshopper Club , where he became one of the most famous players. From 1930 to 1943, Minelli won five championships and eight cup victories at the GCZ . With 80 international matches, he was a Swiss record international for a long time. He took part in the World Championships in 1934 and 1938 .

Minelli, who was endowed with the Italian temperament by his ancestors from Bergamo, was at the top of the circle of world-class defenders, including the British Male and Hapgood, the German Janes , the Austrian Sesta and the Italians Rosetta, Caligaris, Foni and Rava .

Minelli made a total of 80 international matches for Switzerland. On November 12, 1939, with his 69th game, he replaced the Hungarian Imre Schlosser and his compatriot Max Abegglen as European record holder and on March 31, 1940 with his 70th international match, the Uruguayan Ángel Romano as world record holder. He increased the record to 80 games by June 14, 1943 and remained the record holder for 13 years before he was replaced on July 15, 1956 by the Hungarian Ferenc Puskás with his 81 international match as a European and world record holder. He remained the record Swiss national player until December 16, 1987 and was then replaced by Heinz Hermann , who is the record holder to this day.

After his career, Minelli was a member of the selection committee for the Swiss national team from 1949 to 1951 . In 1983 he was made an honorary member of the SFV .

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