Sex gang children

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Sex gang children
Sex Gang Children (2006)
Sex Gang Children (2006)
General information
origin Brixton (London)
Genre (s) Gothic rock , Gothic punk , post-punk
founding 1981, 1992
resolution 1984
Current occupation
Andi Sexgang (sometimes also spelled Andi Sex Gang , actually Andreas McElligott )
Kevin Matthews
Adrian Portas
Matthew Saw
former members
Terry MacLeay
Rob Stroud
Dave Roberts
Steve Harle
Nigel Preston
Ray Mondo
Bob Thompson
Cam Campbell
Lester Jones
Gerrard Santana

The Sex Gang Children (sometimes Sexgang Children ) is a gothic rock band from England, which in the context of the London club Batcave became popular.


Founded in the early 1980s, Sex Gang Children played songs that developed a dramatic sound through deep bass, tom-tom- dominated drum sounds and the high voice of the singer.

The name Sex Gang Children was taken by Malcolm McLaren from a book by William S. Burroughs and was originally intended for the band later called Bow Wow Wow . The Culture Club group founded by Boy George was also called this at first. Singer Andi Sexgang wanted him to use the name, but when Culture Club drummer Jon Moss turned down this idea, Andi decided to keep the name for his own band.

The band has been active again since 1992 and has recorded some new releases and various appearances to this day, such as B. at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in 2010 and 2013.

Musical style

At the beginning of her career, Sex Gang Children moved in early Gothic Rock, which was still strongly influenced by post-punk and which is now also known as Batcave or Gothic Punk . Her ballads always seemed very dramatic and dark, while faster pieces often still had post-punk structures. Style changes within a song are typical. The use of the violin and xylophone are also trademarks.


  • 1983: Song and Legend
  • 1992: Blind
  • 1993: Medea
  • 2001: The Wrath of God
  • 2002: Bastard Art
  • 2013: Viva Vigilante
  • 1982: Beasts
  • 1983: Sebastiane
  • 2009: Salamun Child
  • 1982: Naked
  • 1983: Live
  • 1984: Ecstasy and Vendetta Over New York
  • 1986: Nightland
  • 1992: Play with Children
  • 1985: Re-enter the Abyss (The 1985 Remixes)
  • 1986: Beasts
  • 1993: Dieche
  • 1994: The Hungry Years
  • 1998: Welcome to My World
  • 1999: Pop Up
  • 1999: Shout & Scream
  • 2000: demonstration
  • 2000: The Sexgang Children Collection
  • 2001: Empyre and Fall
  • 2001: Helter Skelter
  • 2003: Fall: The Complete Singles
  • 2004: Execution & Elegance: The Anthology 1982-2002

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