Sherlock Holmes (film series, 1912)

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Sherlock Holmes is the name of an eight-part Franco-British silent film series from 1912 . These films were shown in Germany in 1914. The director of all parts was Adrien Caillard , Sherlock Holmes was always played by Georges Tréville , the role of Dr. Watson took over from Mr. Moyse . The films are now considered lost , except for the last part . The table follows the list at


  1. Le ruban moucheté / The Speckled Band
  2. Flamme d'argent / The Silver Blaze
  3. The Beryl Coronet
  4. The Musgrave ritual
  5. The Reigate Squires
  6. The Stolen Papers
  7. Le Mystère de Val Boscombe / The Mystery of Boscombe Valley
  8. The Copper Beeches

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