Sherman Island

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Sherman Island
Satellite image of Thurston Island, with Sherman Island at the southern edge
Satellite image of Thurston Island , with Sherman Island at the southern edge
Waters Amundsen lake
Geographical location 72 ° 40 ′  S , 99 ° 45 ′  W Coordinates: 72 ° 40 ′  S , 99 ° 45 ′  W
Sherman Island (Antarctica)
Sherman Island
length 51 km
width 16 km
surface 1 159  km²
Highest elevation 186  m
Residents uninhabited

The Sherman Island ( English Sherman Island ) is an ice-covered island with an area of ​​around 1159 km². The island is about 51 kilometers long and 16 kilometers wide. It is located around twelve kilometers south of the much larger Thurston Island off the coast of the West Antarctic region of Ellsworthland . The island is located in Peacock Sound and is completely surrounded by the Abbot Ice Shelf . It was first mapped after evaluating aerial photographs of Operation Highjump from December 1946 and named after US Admiral Forrest P. Sherman .

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