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[sic!] Forum for Feminist GangArten was an Austrian feminist magazine that appeared from 1993 to 2009 and was published by the association of the same name.


The [sic!] Was created as a follow-up project to the voice of women , a women's magazine of the KPÖ , which was discontinued in 1993. Around twenty women were involved in the establishment of the company, with Ursula Kubes-Hofmann being largely responsible for the implementation of the project and working as an editor until [sic!] Was hired. The magazine appeared quarterly and saw itself as a public discussion forum, which should serve to network the intellectual culture of women. The [sic!] Was financed through journalism funding, voluntary work, subscription income and a few advertisements. The magazine was finally discontinued in 2009.


The [sic!] Saw itself as a left-wing medium for the cultural and political education of women, Austrian and international developments in politics, economy and media were analyzed and commented, a special focus was on the structural and everyday effects on female living and working environments. “Undemocratic developments, especially those that affect women, both in Austria and internationally, are a thorn in the side of the magazine's staff. But they not only write against sexism , racism and xenophobia , democracy and social dismantling and the increasing militaristic excesses of capitalist men's societies in all their respective varieties, but also make the achievements of women, especially feminists, in the areas of politics and science mentioned , new media, art and culture only visible, ”can be read in the self-description of the editorial team.


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