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Seamless, cement-based exposed screed
Bathroom and furniture made from exposed screed

Exposed screed or also called screed with a sanded surface is a screed that serves as a floor without any additional floor covering . For this purpose, depending on the desired surface, the screed is colored and / or made with special additives . The hardened screed is sanded or at least sanded like terrazzo . When grinding, a so-called tempering with sodium silicates through silicification can produce a denser surface. To protect against stains in the floor, various compensation and impregnation processes are used as part of ongoing floor care.

Exposed screed is particularly suitable for living rooms and offices, but also for terraces and other open spaces. Due to the surface that remains visible and the difficulties involved in the subsequent removal of surface defects, the screed must be planned and installed with particular care (e.g. by creating expansion joints to prevent uncontrolled cracks).

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