Signal House Pier

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View along Signal House Pier
View from the Forth Bridge with the Signal House Pier in the foreground

The signal House Pier is a pier in the Scottish village of North Queensferry in the Council Area Fife . In 1973 the building was included as an individual monument in the Scottish monument lists in the highest monument category A. Furthermore, together with the Battery Pier , the Lantern Tower and the Signalhaus, it forms a category A monument ensemble.


At least since the Middle Ages , North Queensferry was the location of a ferry dock over the Firth of Forth , from which the place name and that of the opposite South Queensferry are derived. In 1809 the Forth Ferry Trustee Company was formed . The owners of the ferry terminal were obliged to sell the ferry rights by parliamentary resolution the following year. As a result, they received a compensation payment of £ 10,000. The docks on both banks of the inlet were in poor condition at the time. For this reason, the Scottish engineer John Rennie was entrusted with the revision and expansion of the facilities. Today's Signal House Pier comes from this phase of construction, which is to be settled between 1810 and 1813. The total cost of the work on both sides of the Firth of Forth, including Battery Pier, was £ 33,825.

The Signal House Pier initially provided the main North Queensferry jetty. Battery Pier was only used when the tide was low. With the commissioning of the ferry Queen Margaret in 1820, an extension of the system became necessary. This was carried out by the engineer Thomas Telford until 1823. During a visit in 1842, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's ship docked at Signal House Pier. In 1877 a new jetty was built to the west with the Railway Pier . In the following these were mainly used. With the opening of the Forth Road Bridge in 1964, ferry operations in North Queensferry ceased and the Signal House Pier became obsolete.

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