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A syllable word , also an abbreviation of syllables , is the abbreviation of the form of determination and the basic form of a word compound (compound word ) for a new lexeme .


Syllables (short) word Full form according to specialist literature
Jusos Ju ng so specialists
Day care center Ki Direction ta gesstätte or Ki Direction ta geseinrichtung
Kripo Kri minal po lizei
Referee Ski eds ri daughters
Stabilizer Sta ats bi bliothek
transformer Tra ns fo rmator (with reference to the special case of the prefix trans- )
Electrolytic capacitor El ektrolyt ko ends sator
moped Mo torisiertes Fa hrrad
Mullet Vo rne ku March, hi nth la ng

Classification and demarcation

The syllables (short) words are counted among the "multi-segmental short words ". In this respect, they differ from the “unisegmental abbreviations”, which only consist of the beginning or the end segment of a full form (example: bus from bus or omnibus ).

Within the multisegmental abbreviations there are - in addition to the syllables (short) words:

  • Initial words , letters and words, such as: TUV ( T echnical Ü berwachungs- V erein) ADAC ( A ENERAL d eutscher A utomobil- C lub)
  • Mixed short words such as: trainee ( A us zubi (ldender) Amades A rbeitspapiere and Ma terialien to de slide around S anguage, title of a series of publications)

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