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Sloshing wine

Under Sloshing (English for spill ) is meant complex surface effects of liquids. Sloshing is part of fluid mechanics and comprises the movement behavior of liquids in another object (such as a tank ) that typically also moves. In simple terms, sloshing is the sloshing of liquids with a free surface inside a container . The sloshing liquid interacts dynamically with the tank walls and creates a dynamic overall movement system .

For vehicles that are to transport liquids with a free surface in tanks, the sloshing behavior must be taken into account, since small movements of the container can result in relatively strong movements of the liquid. This can become a problem, since when the liquid hits the walls of the surrounding tank, very high pressure loads sometimes arise, which can damage or destroy components. Striking bulkheads or baffles are a measure against damage inside the tanks .

Sloshing can affect the overall dynamics of the vehicle. For example, in the case of tank trucks , ships or aircraft, the movements of liquid within the tank or tanks can influence the movement behavior of the vehicles in question. In the case of ships, a distinction is made in the calculation between the stability- reducing component of the free surface and the influence of sloshing on the ship's structure.


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