Sock clip

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Sock clips - solo and in action
Different shape of the sock clip
Sock with washing powder residue

A sock clip , sometimes socks ring , socks collectors or socks clip called, is a little helper from plastic , which the pairs sorting stockings and socks relieved after washing.

A pair of matching socks are put together with a sock clip and put into the washing machine with it . After washing, the socks can be removed in pairs and hung up with the sock clip to dry or dried in the tumble dryer.

There are different models: some clips join the socks together (see illustration), with other types both socks are pushed through the cross-shaped opening of the plastic part, which is flexible due to wings.

A good sock clip will only cover a small part of the sock: which will ensure even drying. In addition, good brackets are made from one piece, ideally made of plastic. No metallic springs or similar components that could damage the pump in washing machines.


If the clip is too tight (for example, if the socks are too thick or four instead of two layers are stuck), dried-on detergent residues will remain under the clip after drying.

If the clip is not tight enough (with thin socks), the socks will loosen from the clip during the washing process.