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A software documentation tool is used to automatically generate documentation from the results and objects of the software development process. The documentation is by no means restricted to the source code . Documentation tools allow the generation of documents from different sources (e.g. UML diagrams, source text), they support different layout specifications and different output formats (e.g. PostScript , PDF ).

A very popular software documentation tool for the Java programming language is Javadoc . Doxygen, on the other hand, is often used for C ++ , but is a documentation tool that supports multiple languages ​​and different output formats, such as. B. LaTeX , HTML and PDF supported. A similar documentation tool is Natural Docs . The Plain Old Documentation used for Perl - in contrast to Javadoc and Doxygen - manages without tags and tries to generate the documentation from comments that are as readable and "natural" as possible. Sphinx was developed for the Python programming language , a software documentation tool that converts reStructuredText into HTML pages and many other formats such as PDF, EPUB and man pages .


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