Some Sunday Morning

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Some Sunday Morning is a popular folk song from the United States . It has been interpreted by numerous artists. The best-known versions are those by Ada Jones and Billy Murray (1918), by Helen Forrest and Dick Haymes (1945), and by Alexis Smith (sung in the film Ein Mann der Tat , also 1945). In the last version the song was nominated for an Oscar in the category Best Song in 1946.

Text by Some Sunday Morning

Some Sunday morning is going to be
Some Sunday morning for someone and me.
Bells will be chiming an old melody,
Spec'lly for someone and me.
There'll be an organ playing,
Friends and relations will stare,
Say, can't you hear them saying,
"Gee, what a peach of a pair!"
Some Sunday morning we'll walk down the aisle,
He'll be so nervous and I'll try to smile,
Things sure look rosy for someone and me,
Some Sunday morning, you'll see.