A man of action

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German title A man of action
Original title San Antonio
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1945
length 105 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director David Butler
script WB Burnett
Alan Le May
production Robert Buckner
music Max Steiner
camera Bert Glennon
cut Irene Morra

A man of action (original title: San Antonio ) is an American western from 1945. Directed by David Butler , Errol Flynn plays the lead role of Clay Hardin, who fights a group of cattle thieves.


Texas in 1877: Ranchers in the southwest of the state migrated because of the numerous cattle thefts. Charlie Bell from San Antonio stayed and wants to fight the thieves. Charlie learns that his friend Clay Hardin wants to return. Charlie crosses the border into Mexico, where Clay has fled, and warns him about the cattle thieves. Clay claims to have gathered enough evidence against gang leader Roy Stuart. Clay arrives in a carriage accompanied by the singer Jeanne Starr in San Antonio. Jeanne has a job as a singer in the saloon owned by Stuart.

Clay goes to a nearby garrison and presents the soldiers with his evidence, a detailed listing of the sales of the stolen cattle. Since the commanding officer is currently absent, no action can be taken against the cattle thieves. Clay puts the list back in his pocket and visits Jeanne backstage in the evening. Charlie is concerned and takes the list for himself. Stuart's partner Legare becomes an eyewitness. When Stuart tries unsuccessfully to kill Clay, Legare shoots Charlie and takes the list. Jeanne's manager Bozic witnessed the murder, but is full of fear and claims to have seen nothing. He is also silent in the investigation of the murder. Stuart finds out that Legare murdered Charlie while he was claiming shares in the sales. In return he wants to hand the list to Stuart.

When the murder investigation is stopped by the soldiers, Clay is named marshal. Stuart moves his men together in town. Clay realizes that Stuart no longer has the stolen list. He doesn't think he's Charlie's killer, but he doesn't want to get into any business with the cattle thief either. Clay arrests Legare in the saloon, but a shootout breaks out and Legare escapes. Stuart follows Legare to the ruins of the Alamo. He can put it there, but has to kill it in a fight. Stuart is followed and overtaken by Clay. The two fight each other, Clay kills Stuart.

Clay returns to San Antonio with the list and learns that Jeanne wants to leave town. Clay tries to persuade her to stay. Jeanne says she doesn't mind if Clay orders a carriage for her return to San Antonio.


The US premiere took place on December 28, 1945. In Germany, the film was released in cinemas on October 20, 1950. In the United States, the film grossed around $ 3.5 million.

Francis Ford , brother of the director John Ford , the German-born Paul Panzer , the silent film comedian Snub Pollard and Dan Seymour can be seen in smaller supporting roles . Musical director of the film was Leo F. Forbstein , orchestra director Hugo Friedhofer . Frederick de Cordova directed the dialogue .


For the lexicon of international films , A Man of Action was “a standard Western loosened up with humorous interludes; captivating by the artistically elegant Errol Flynn ”. The film magazine Cinema primarily praised leading actor Errol Flynn. He also acts in a western with “inimitable elegance” and is “accurate even without a sword”.

Variety called the film an "Old Tradition Western". The portrayal of the social significance of these days when the film is set would be dumped in favor of an apparently sincere story about a lone fighter for justice. Bosley Crowther of the New York Times described the film as "a seasoned bovine opera that was boastfully filmed in technicolor". One can easily see that the majority of the money that was spent on the film went into the equipment.


In 1946 Ted Smith and Jack McConaghy were nominated for an Oscar for Best Production Design in Color . Another nomination received the song Some Sunday Morning in the Best Song category . The composers of the song were Ray Heindorf and Maurice K. Jerome , the lyrics were written by Ted Koehler .

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