Sophie of Pomerania (1370–1406)

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Sophie von Pommern (also Sophia ; † June 28, 1406 ) was a Pomeranian duke's daughter from the Greifenhaus . By marriage she was Duchess of Braunschweig and Lüneburg .


Sophie was the daughter of the Pomeranian Duke Wartislaw VI. and his wife Anna , daughter of Duke Johann I of Mecklenburg-Stargard. Your date and place of birth have not been recorded.

She married Duke Heinrich I of Braunschweig and Lüneburg. The wedding took place in Stralsund . The year of the wedding is not known with certainty: According to the chronicle of Detmar from Lübeck , the wedding is said to have been celebrated in 1388, according to Thomas Kantzow in 1391. In a certificate from the bride's father Wartislaw VI. From 1386 it is recorded that he will give his daughter a bridal treasure of 2,000 marks, pay this bridal treasure in two installments and send his daughter to Duke Heinrich I with the second installment on November 11, 1388.

The marriage had two children:

Duchess Sophie died on June 28, 1406. It is not known where she was buried. She was survived by her husband by ten years, he married a second time.

A posthumous depiction of Heinrich and his two wives hangs on the north wall of the Fürstensaal in Lüneburg City Hall . The painting was originally from 1482 and was painted over by Daniel Frese around 1600 . The painting shows Duchess Sophie standing in full figure, with a medieval city in the background. It is “certainly not an individual portrait”, but if we consider the year 1482 it can be “the oldest painted picture of a member of the Pomeranian ducal house [...]”.


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