Adapter sleeve

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Fastening of a roller bearing with a conical inside diameter on a cylindrical axis / shaft by means of an adapter sleeve in a 120 ° section.
(1) axis / shaft
(2) locknut (DIN 981), green
(3) securing plate (DIN 5406), blue
(4) Rolling (here: spherical roller bearings )
(5) the clamping sleeve (DIN 5415), red
The parts required for fastening with an adapter sleeve:
Grooved nut (left
Lock washer ( center) Adapter sleeve (right)

The adapter sleeve is used to fasten a roller bearing on a shaft . It consists of a conical metal sleeve, a locking plate and a locknut . The inner ring of the bearing has a conical bore for this purpose .

When a bearing is fastened with the aid of an adapter sleeve, it is a purely frictional connection, the inner ring of the bearing taking on the function of an annular spring and pressing the slotted adapter sleeve onto the shaft. With the help of the adapter sleeve, the internal clearance of the roller bearing is set at the same time . A hook wrench is used for tensioning .

Adapter sleeves are also used in toolmaking. It enables precise and reliable clamping of end mills or similar tools in milling machines and other machine tools. The sleeves have an external thread and a cone on the other side. The sleeve is slit lengthways in three places.