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Adapter sleeve, light version (EN ISO 13337)
Heavy-duty adapter sleeve (EN ISO 8752)
Standards for dowel pins
ISO DIN (invalid)
EN ISO 8750 DIN 7343
EN ISO 8751 -
EN ISO 8752 DIN 1481
EN ISO 13337 DIN 7346

A dowel pin or an adapter sleeve is a hollow, slotted pin and is used to fasten machine elements. It consists of spring steel (e.g. C67S, earlier often 56Si7) and is a sheet metal strip that is formed into a (not completely closed) tube.

see also: pen (mechanical engineering)

The diameter is chosen so that it is compressed by a desired amount when installed. To make it easier to insert into the hole, the ends of the dowel pin are chamfered . Heavy duty dowel pins ( EN ISO 8752) have twice as thick a wall and are only chamfered at one end.

If you want to connect two parts with each other, they are joined together in the desired manner and provided with a hole running through both parts at a suitable point. Then the spring pin is inserted into the hole. This now fixes the two parts together.

A roll pin can be used for similar applications as a grooved pin .

Adapter sleeves or pins can transmit high shear forces and are relatively undemanding in terms of the installation conditions. A fit for the location hole is not absolutely necessary.

Clamping sleeves look similar, but serve different purposes than the components mentioned here.

The use of the spring pins is similar to the function of the dowel pins.

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