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Chamfer on a cabinet door
Chamfered concrete elements

The chamfer is a beveled surface on a workpiece edge . For example, the sharp edges of boards for wall and ceiling cladding are "broken" by a bevel. Chamfering is the making of the chamfer.

The chamfering or rounding of an inside corner or the edges of a hollow body is also referred to as a haunch  .


For rotationally symmetrical workpieces, such as B. pipes and shafts, the machine bevelling is done by turning , other workpieces by milling or planing . Chamfers can also be created by hand by filing. A chamfer is created on the bores and internal threads using a countersink .

Depending on the material, diameter , planing , grinding tools or routers suitable for chamfering. In the case of concrete parts, bevels are created during the casting process by inserting triangular strips into the formwork.


The chamfer on workpieces usually has an angle of 45 ° to the plane. For bores or internal threads, angles of 60 ° are also common. Chamfers are usually continuous shapes on a continuous workpiece edge. If only sections of an edge are machined, this is called a stepped bevel.


Chamfers are often made on components to remove burrs , reduce the risk of injury and simplify further assembly.

To prepare weld seams, sheets are often beveled at the joints. In the case of plasterboard, the edges are planed or cut off at the joints so that they can be filled more easily.

For internal and external threads, the bore or the bolt is provided with a 45 ° chamfer, which should be slightly larger than the thread depth. This prevents the first thread turns from being pushed out and the cutting tools can be attached more easily.

Furthermore, chamfers are attached to components into which a second component must be inserted. The bevel serves as an insertion aid.

An alternative edge processing is rounding .

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