Component (technology)

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A component (also called a component ) is an individual part of a technical complex (e.g. machine , apparatus, etc.). Typically, the word is mainly used in technology only for parts that make a contribution to the function of the overall complex, but occasionally also for decorative or similar parts.

In general, an attempt is made to assign exactly one component to a function . There are no additional goal in the design is a functional integration to achieve, that is, by every component more cover functions. Such a component is called multifunctional .

A group of components that work together to fulfill a purpose is also known as an assembly .

In the construction industry , components are often differentiated based on their geometric shape: wall , column ...

In electrical engineering , a component is an inseparable object. A part to which a certain function is assigned is called a component . It can be created by assembling several components.

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