Speed ​​painting

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Martin Missfeldt : Digitally painted picture of the Formula 1 accident of Robert Kubica in Canada. A time-lapse video shows the three-hour painting process.

The term Speedpainting ( Quick painting ) denotes a particularly rapid procedure for working with digital painting and image editing programs .

The attempt is made to create an image as efficiently as possible with few brushstrokes. The time required for this is of secondary importance, the name refers to the efficient way of working.

Speed painting has been widely used since digital painting with graphics tablets made it possible to work quickly. Especially in paint chats (cooperative painting programs), a fast way of working is necessary, because here people draw and communicate with each other in real time and long latency is perceived as negative.

Speed ​​painting has found a new meaning in the world of digital streams. A camera is used to film how an image is created over several hours. The video is accelerated to around 5 minutes and then offered as a stream.


Overhead speed painting in front of the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris

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  1. YouTube video: F1 accident speed painting by Martin Missfeldt