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A character sheet of the game Stormbringer , values ​​and descriptions are noted here.
A character menu, here from the Facebook game Dawn of the Dragon

The player character (often abbreviated as SC , PC or Char from English player character ) is a fictional character in pen & paper role-playing games and in the live-action role-playing games (LARP) and computer role-playing games derived therefrom , which are played by a player is controlled or played.

Each player character has characteristics that describe him in more detail and should give him an individual personality, such as name, gender, height, profession or origin. Often these are also attributes such as strength or intelligence and skills derived from them such as tracking or cooking, which are determined or rolled during creation. The level of attributes and how well one has mastered such a skill is usually expressed by numerical values ​​and entered on a character sheet. A player character has a different number of attributes and skills depending on the game system. Simple systems only have three properties, while complex systems can assign several hundred to one character. Modern systems are increasingly treating other things like relationships and character traits as properties.

The teammates and the game master expect that the player plays and designs his player character according to these characteristics. It may well be that player characters die or retire . New player characters are then generated, usually this requires the approval of the game master and the group. The players often create player characters opposite to their own being, which also includes the opposite sex.

The opposite of the player character is the non-player character .

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