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Sports manager (specifically also: managing director of sports ) or club manager is the name given to a person who has essential sports management functions in a club , usually a sports club .

Fields of activity

The fields of activity of club managers are very diverse. They can include general administration and member support as well as personnel and committee management. Tasks such as budgeting , law and insurance, public relations and marketing also belong to the area of ​​club managers.

In professional sports, the managers are usually also responsible for running the sports business, i.e. the obligation of players and coaches .

In English speaking countries

The use of the word “manager” in German football, as shown in this article, can vary considerably in English-speaking countries. In addition to player transfers and decisions about the club, the "manager" in English football is also responsible for the formation of the team, the development of the strategy on the pitch and the decision on substitutions in the game and thus corresponds more to a highly upgraded coach or coach in Germany Combination of functionary and trainer.

License training at the DOSB

Sometimes people who are involved in an association's board already have basic knowledge from the management area. However, the requirements in a club often differ from those of a company. Other club officials bring with them knowledge from other fields of professional life or have no management experience. That is why the German Olympic Sports Confederation offers the club manager training course, which can be completed at license levels (C and B).

1. License level C (entry level)

Club Manager-C

In this training course, future club managers acquire basic knowledge in four thematic areas in 120 learning units:

  1. Organizational and personnel development, committee work
  2. Membership administration and sports business management
  3. Finance , Taxes , Law and Insurance
  4. Marketing , communication , events and new media

2. License level B (middle level)

Club manager-B

At the second license level, the club managers are thoroughly prepared for specific tasks. They deepen their skills in sport policy and deal with issues of sport development. In doing so, they expand their basic knowledge and develop the special knowledge for their subject area in the club. The course is aimed directly at the needs of the club managers. Here you can address your individual questions about your specific field of activity. These can be questions about sports management, marketing or business issues, for example . This course is completed after 60 learning units.

3. License level A (upper level)

Club manager-A

The license level A of the DOSB club manager was discontinued in 2005. Until then, the DOSB's management academy had coordinated and supervised the training to become a club manager. Since 2005 it has been possible to extend the existing licenses by attending selected seminars of the management academy. The currently highest license level is therefore the club manager B license.

The Landessportbund Sachsen leads z. B. is currently still training to become a club manager. This state license is recognized as eligible in Saxony. If there is a corresponding demand, this license level is also carried out together with other state sports associations. This license of the highest level (= 3rd license level), as a seminar that summarizes all subject areas, conveys the requirement for the individual that he or she, alone and in a team, in every function / project, thinking and acting holistically and networked, current and future challenges in Sport masters. During the period, the participants realize a strategic project that must be defended in the end.